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Maximise shelf appeal with In-Mould Labelling (IML)

In-mould labels surpass other labelling methods because they deliver eye-catching, photo quality graphics that will grab the attention of consumers and really maximise your brand’s shelf appeal. 

What is plastic in-mould labelling?

In-mould labelling (IML) is superior container decoration process where a label is placed in a mould before the plastic container is formed. This process removes the need for an adhesive because the label fuses with the walls of the container during the injection moulding process to become part of the container itself. 

Plastic in-mould labelling offers improved durability and efficiency 

Not only do in-mould labels look good, they also deliver several other important benefits, including:

  • Superior durability. The label and graphics are durable and long lasting because they are embedded within the walls of the plastic container.  This makes the label virtually impossible to remove without destroying the container and reduces the risk of the graphics staining or fading, and being damaged during the filling process or while in transit. 
  • Improved flexibility. In-mould labelling allows graphics and branding to be applied to virtually every surface of a plastic container. This is something not easily achieved using other labelling methods.  
  • More cost effective. Most other labelling methods require special machinery which must first apply an adhesive and then pressure to secure a label to a plastic container.  In-mould labelling eliminates the costs required to run a secondary labelling and decorating operation. 
  • Reduced manufacturing time. Rather than moulding the plastic container, then sending the container to a separate division to have the labels applied, IML accomplishes all this one step so that freshly moulded containers are immediately ready for filling.  
  • Environmentally friendly. In-mould labels are created using the same material plastic container (polypropylene – recycle code #5). This means that the entire plastic container, label and all, can be recycled at the end of the container’s life. 

Contact us to today to find about in-mould labelling and how it can enhance your brand’s shelf appeal. 

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