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Bonson® TE

The Bonson® TE range not only provide food manufacturers with a single packaging solution through an amazing choice of interchangeable tubs and lids, they also include critical tamper evident security features and remarkable graphic and in-mould labe... More»»


Our Homeal® range, with its softly rounded corners, wide-body profile and crystal clear dome lids, is the ideal packing solution for prepared food and meals where presentation is everything. ... More»»


ClearVision® range is made of clear PET material. It gives a crystal clear view and best suited to fit onto our black containers – ideal for salad and other prepared food where presentation is predominant.... More»»


Our BetterSelection® brand offers an extensive variety of round, square, rectangular and wide based containers that are made of high quality food grade polypropylene (recycle code #5). ... More»»


As consumers become more environmentally conscious, we are continually challenged to deliver food packaging solutions that utilise biodegradable raw materials. This is why we introduced our BioChoice® range of utensils.... More»»

Our Brands

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